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11 Ways To Be Motivated & Inspired

Other creative professionals like painters, designers, and even coders have occasionally struggled to find inspiration or motivation.

I've also encountered this when I unexpectedly ran out of themes for videos to be filmed on. Even earlier, when I didn't know what to write about in my next blog article, I encountered this in relation to my blog.

So I've compiled a list of 11 techniques to feel motivated for you to use when you're feeling uninspired. I can't guarantee that reading this list will immediately give you inspiration.

But I can promise you that following these tips will help you unwind a little and put you in the right frame of mind to be receptive to anything that can give you the creative spark you've been searching for.

Because, let's face it, inspiration can be found in anything or anywhere, and inspiration makes you more productive.

In addition, I want you to know that you are allowed to take vacation days. Don't feel bad about doing it. Everyone experiences periods of creativity deficit, but what counts is that you don't give up on yourself when that happens.

Spend some time doing the things you enjoy, and you'll discover that one day a crazy idea will strike you when you least expect it.

So let's begin.

#1 Read

Reading gives you new perspectives, which may seem counterintuitive if you're a writer who is struggling with writer's block. You gain knowledge about the way that others think, write, and organise their thoughts.

You might realise as you read that you would have written this plot in a different way. For all you know, it could serve as the basis for your upcoming book or article.

For the others, you could get ideas from how the author solved a specific issue.

Even if it doesn't, it will at the very least provide you a break from work for a while so you can immerse yourself in the realm of narrative.

Additionally, reading is always beneficial. It's always been a wise habit to develop.

#2 Give Yourself a Break

Giving others your time is important, but so is making time for yourself. In the middle of their busy schedules, people frequently forget to set some time for themselves. Select a day, then unwind on it.

Apply a face mask, open a bottle of wine, and treat yourself.

I used to do this while wearing a face mask, playing with my dog, and watching TV with my parents. Additionally, a few days ago, I had the most incredible experience using bath bombs in my bathtub.

As an alternative, you may choose a pastime, something you've always wanted to do but haven't had the opportunity to do.

Cooking, learning an instrument, or even crocheting are some examples. Not only will you pick up a new talent, but it will also keep your thoughts away from work.

#3 Take in some music

Simply listening to various music has the capacity to elicit a range of feelings. In accordance with what you're listening to, music can also alter your mood.

Replay an old song to bring back wonderful memories you've forgotten about, or choose an upbeat/feel-good playlist to get you in the mood. To enhance the mood, turn up the music and dance along.

Alternately, you may choose a different artist or genre to listen to, and who knows—you might discover your new favourate song or a track to return to later.

#4 Exercise

If you're one of those persons who finds therapeutic exercise beneficial, this will energise and pump up your heart. Your creative juices would start flowing as a result.

You can try different forms of exercise, such as Zumba with music if that's your thing. Physical exercise doesn't have to be a chore you dread doing.

#5 Online

With the Internet at our fingertips, inspiration may be located while lounging in the comfort of your own home in any corner of the globe.

And I'm not just talking about social media—you might find inspiration in articles, blogs, or YouTube videos as well.

Subscribe to websites that offer you daily articles on diverse subjects or random quotes that inspire you.

#6 Keep an eye on your rivals

You could find inspiration in the work of your rivals. Though I don't advise it, you can draw inspiration from what they do.

While looking over their feed or their work, you can get an idea.

If the work of your rival is well received and well-liked, this may also provide you with insight into what your audience may anticipate from you.

#7 Crowdsourcing

Getting feedback from your audience is a fantastic way to discover what they enjoy and to gain ideas from them. You could even get an idea from some of them that you wouldn't have otherwise.

Once the ideas start flowing, all that remains is to put them into practise.

I have polled my audience to find out which videos or blog posts they would want to see next.

#8 Be in tune with nature

Go outside and take a break. You'll feel better after a little stroll to the neighbourhood park and some fresh air.

If there is a beach nearby, you might also go there and sit there while admiring the sea.

You'll have some much-needed quiet and tranquil time to unwind.

Ask some of your friends to join you as an added bonus so you can catch up with them.

#9 Take A Quick Vacation

Take a day journey to a nearby destination that you haven't visited to simply packing a little bag. You'd be astonished at how many locations can move individuals.

Make sure the destination is somewhere you've always wanted to go or somewhere that will make you happy.

P.S. If you decide to do this in the near future, exercise extreme caution and stay away from congested areas and needless travel.

#10 Tidy

Decluttering your desk will aid in clearing your mind as well.

Therefore, tidy up and discard whatever you don't need for work or that you haven't used in a while.

The chaos can be made worse by having scraps of paper with random phone numbers or an old grocery list that contains information you can't remember.

Gather them all together and discard them.

#11 Play with your animal.

Pets are a constant source of joy and happiness.

I would spend most of the time playing with my dog if he were with me here in Germany and I didn't have a business to operate. If you don't have a pet, go to a park where people bring their animals, and you might be able to pet some of them there.

You can skip this if you don't like cats, dogs, or animals in general (what?).

Let me know in the comments what worked for you or alternative ways to be inspired. I hope inspiration strikes you soon.


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