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20 Contemporary Wardrobe Essentials That Every Man Needs in 2022

Would you like to start dressing better? You're at the correct place, then. Refining your wardrobe may give you a vital confidence boost and enable you to develop your own unique style, whether you're in a style rut or have something major coming up that has encouraged you to step up your game.

The first and most crucial step is to get your staples organised. It's tempting to just go out and start picking up items you like at random, but your wardrobe is only as good as the proverbial glue holding it together.

Whatever fashion tribe you identify with, every man has to own a few key pieces of clothing. They serve as the cornerstone of every contemporary capsule wardrobe since they are incredibly adaptable, unaffected by the ebb and flow of trend, and no guy should be without them.

Oxford Shirt with Buttons

The ideal smart-casual shirt is the OCBD. It is capable of doing everything. Dress it up with preppy casual pieces like penny loafers, chinos, and a cardigan, or wear it open over a T-shirt with shorts and leather shoes for an easy summer style. It should be a staple in every man's wardrobe because it is the most adaptable shirt there is.

Simple T-shirt

Mind you, not just the one. It is definitely worth stocking up on good basic t-shirts. Find one that fits you perfectly and purchase it in each colour (especially white, navy, black and grey).

It's crucial to get it properly and have a variety of options available because plain T-shirts are something you'll wear practically every day.

Polo Shirt

Between an Oxford shirt and a T-shirt, there is a polo shirt. It's your ally when you want to maintain a casual atmosphere while still looking put together. It may be worn with a suit for summer weddings and other semi-formal warm-weather events, and it looks great with everything from shorts and sneakers to tailored pants and Derby shoes.

Shirt with a cuff

This breezy button-through shirt is a terrific alternative to the conventional short-sleeved style because of its open spread collar. It has a more laid-back vibe and goes well with tailoring, casual wear, and beach attire.

To maximise its suitability for warm weather, choose one with a spacious fit made of linen or a fabric combination of linen.

Cropped-Neck Sweater

During the colder months, a straightforward jersey crew neck in a simple block colour is a fantastic layering piece. Warm, low-profile, and suitable for layering under overshirts and light jackets, it can also be worn alone during the transitional months.

Crochet Roll Neck

A fine-gauge roll neck in cashmere, merino, or lambswool is a need for smart-casual layering. It can be layered beneath an overshirt, bomber, or denim jacket to give casual ensembles a sense of direction and purpose, or worn with a suit in place of a shirt for a modern take on classic tailoring.


A hoodie is one of those items you can just throw on at the weekend when you're not sure what to wear because it's cosy, comfortable, and simple to wear. It looks excellent worn over some heavier clothing like a parka or wool overcoat and is an essential layering piece for the fall and winter.


You should have at least one pair of jeans in your closet, whether they are raw denim, mid-wash, or stonewash. Although historically they have been considered informal legwear, there is currently nothing keeping you from dressing them up as well.

For a summery spin on smart-casual, try pairing mid-wash jeans with a pair of brown suede loafers, a tucked T-shirt, and a Cuban-collar shirt.


Chinos are undoubtedly the most preppie pair of pants you can wear, and the Ivy League aesthetic is currently very trendy. They may be paired with anything from soft tailoring to T-shirts and sandals since they sit in the middle ground between jeans and dress pants.

Choose a traditional narrow or straight leg in a subdued colour like navy, forest green, or traditional khaki for optimal adaptability.


Those legs can't be kept hidden all year. Even though they aren't as frequently worn as long pants, shorts are still just as significant. While there are many different styles to pick from, we advise looking at something like a fitted swim short to get the most wear out of them.

This is an excellent option if you only want to get one pair because it is essentially an amphibious chino short. They are dressy enough to take to dinner with a shirt and deck shoes, but they also won't draw attention when you wear them to jump into the pool.

Navy blazer

There's no need to purchase many suits in various colours if you're not a city trader or corporate employee whose profession needs you to be suit and booted at all times. Invest as much as you can safely afford in a single-breasted navy suit in the sake of minimalism; you'll be shocked at how much it can do.

Consider getting it custom-made for extra points. Or, if that doesn't work, get your neighbourhood tailor to make sure it fits like a glove.

Poplin Shirt

Oxford shirts are excellent, but when it's time to dress up, you'll need something a little more sophisticated. A poplin shirt can help with that. It lacks the roughness of Oxford fabric and has a tighter, lighter, smoother cotton weave, giving it a little more professional appearance.

To cover all your bases, purchase one in white and one in pale blue or pastel pink.

Wool Overcoat

A good wool overcoat is pricey, but it's an investment that pays off. This kind of clothing is surprisingly adaptable, will last you a lifetime, and doesn't go out of style.

As is custom, use it over tailored clothing in the winter, or update it and use it to dress down casual attire. For a wonderful balance of high and low, try layering it over a hoodie or track jacket.


The overshirt is one of the most functional pieces of clothing. It's one of those exceptional items that, due to its adaptability and versatility, may be called upon at any time of year. In the winter, layer it under knitwear and a thick coat, or use it as a light outer layer in the transitional seasons.


Even the greatest wool overcoat won't keep you warm enough during the coldest parts of winter. A parka is the most obvious and practical choice when you need to stay warm. An appropriate arctic parka should be constructed of sturdy fabric, have either natural or artificial insulation, and be roughly thigh length.

Dress it up with everyday winter essentials like work boots, flannel shirts, and thick knits.

Contemporary Sneakers

Nowadays, there aren't many locations that sneakers can't go. Over the past ten or so years, dress codes have become much more relaxed, and as a result, they can now be worn with almost anything other than a tuxedo.

They must be the right kind, though, for it to work. For optimal adaptability, we advise purchasing a pair of basic, white leather sneakers.

Leather loafers

These mellow slip-ons are the answer to all of your smart-casual shoe woes. They are more relaxed than a Derby or Oxford shoe and are comfortable, versatile, smarter than a sneaker. Wear them in place of sneakers to spruce up casual outfits, or pair them with tailored clothing to add a casual touch to formal attire.

Shoes in leather, Derby

The only dress shoe you actually need is a basic Derby shoe in black or brown. It's not as stiff as an Oxford, but it's still intelligent enough to get you through most formal situations.

It may also be worn with smart-casual ensembles; for a fresh take on the infamously ambiguous dress code, consider pairing a pair with tailored jeans, a roll neck, and an overshirt.

Job Boots

Winter shoes can be challenging, but not if you spend money on a good pair of leather work boots. These tough stompers complement layered winter outfits beautifully and are made to last. Pair them with rough denim, thick flannel shirts, textured knits, and hefty winter coats.

Sporty sneakers

Although minimalist leather sneakers may seem nice, there are more comfortable solutions available for exercising. A pair of good sports sneakers with a foam midsole and mesh or knit top are the finest choice whether you're going to the gym, running in the park, or simply running errands around town on the weekend.


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