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Best jeans brand for men

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Pants are frequently viewed as a nonexclusive item, so universal in our closets that they're the absolute most generally worn piece of clothing on the planet. All things considered, to put resources into a couple can, to a few, actually appear to be somewhat over the top.

Yet, for those fixated on pants – and there are some genuine obsessives out there – this is to disregard the way that denim is a claim to fame material which, while simple to mass-produce in fundamental structure, is actually a high quality one when customary and time-concentrated strategies of weaving, cutting and indigo coloring are applied.

You'd be unable to discover an attire brand that doesn't sell some pants. Everything from H&M to Dolce and Gabbana will offer takes on denim, with the sticker price shifting definitely. However, so will the quality. High road marks regularly hope to compromise with regards to creation, which is the way they keep costs so low.

On a shallow level it's another picture work in line for-attach ages of vintage American styles. In any case, TCB makes itself the ideal brand for those wanting to get into certifiable Japanese denim for the straightforwardness of its offer: it's boiled down to a little pack of model styles, each described continually from which they take their inspiration.

However, originator pants don't really liken to quality either, as you'll usually be paying for the brand name. When after the best value for your money, and a degree of development that is top notch, you'll need to go to brands that base their whole assortments around denim.

The Best Jeans Brands In The World


Originator Levi Strauss was, as a result, the designer of the five-pocket western pants style, back in 1873. Today, Levi's perpetually imitated 501 model is ostensibly the benchmark style.

Still the most ideal alternative for reasonable pants, the brand likewise has its Levi's Vintage Garments line, offering more upscale and period-explicit cuts. It's the vintage sets – signified by the enormous 'E' on that popular red pocket tag – that denim gatherers joyfully pay now and then thousands for.

Full Count

One of the alleged Osaka Five – five brands that, in the last part of the 1980s and mid 1990s, launched the Japanese renaissance in transport loom-made the most of denim – Full is perceived for its utilization of Zimbabwean extra long-staple cotton.

This makes for extreme yet additionally delicate textures and, organizer Mikiharu Tsujita contends, is nearest to the denim created in pants' 1940s and 1950s prime. The 0105 model is viewed as its authoritative style and, as that numbering indicates, it's a proliferation of a Levi's 501 model, explicitly the one dispatched in 1953. Denim-heads are specific…

Warehouse & Co

One more of the Osaka Five, Distribution center and Co was established in 1995 by two siblings who'd prepared at Full Check and Evisu (with Studio D'Artisan and Denime making the five) yet split away to do whatever them might want to do.

That thing is seemingly the most wide-going investigation of styles from all through pants history, from slimmer fitting cowpoke styles of the mid 1900s to those more normal of processing plant workwear styles of the 1930s.


Albeit large numbers of the principle major parts in the Japanese denim scene presently have thirty years of skill under their belts, the market is as yet seeing the dispatch of new players. TCB – as in Elvis' witticism 'doing what needs to be done – was dispatched by Hajime Inoue in 2008.

On a superficial level it's another image work in line for-fasten generations of vintage American styles. Be that as it may, TCB makes itself the ideal brand for those hoping to get into genuine Japanese denim for the straightforwardness of its offer: it's come down to a small bunch of prototype styles, each characterized constantly from which they take their motivation.


'Wabi sabi' is the Japanese way of thinking of making things with irregular however intentional blemishes, consequently pervading the item with character and uniqueness. What's more, it's that reasoning that Japanese brand Oni applies in the creation of its 'mystery denim' – and the creation strategy truly is a mystery.

What it gives, in any case, is a heavyweight texture that is slubby, profoundly finished and absolutely particular. Oni offers a wide scope of styles, from its 612 loosened up tightened model, to – for the individuals who are still into thin pants – the 668, presumably the slimmest fitting crude pants available.

Iron Heart

Set up in 2003 and run as an association between a Japanese fashioner and an English director, Iron Heart is reasonably named. Its super heavyweight pants – there's a 25oz model, for instance, one of the heaviest accessible – feel like they're in a real sense shot evidence, which is the reason they're particularly famous with bikers who need to forego cowhides.

Their underlying cardboard-like feel can be dissuasive. In any case, have tolerance, break them in and it turns out to be clear why Iron Heart pants are prestigious for creating breathtaking high-contrast blurs.

Dawson Denim

It's English, and it's helped to establish by a lady (in what is a serious male world) – however these aren't the lone attributes of the Brighton-based Dawson Denim.

Indeed, the brand – dispatched by Kelly Dawson and Scott Ogden – utilizes Japanese selvedge textures for its hand-made pants, but at the same time it's refined its own fits, for example, its unmistakable wide leg pants. Its dark denim pants are particularly prominent.


Another Japanese denim brand fixated on emulating styles of days of old down to the littlest detail, Sugar Stick has won approvals for doing what it does at an eminently more reasonable value point – an item maybe of it being important for the goliath Toyo Undertakings, the apparel organization behind any semblance of Sun Surf and Buzz Rickson.

This isn't to say Sugar Stick isn't reformist: one of its custom denims is a 50/50 mix of cotton and sugar stick filaments, bringing about a stand-apart slubbiness.


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