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Guide to Men's Date Night Outfits

You want to make a good first impression, whether you're going on your first date or your fourth. This includes paying attention to all of the small elements of each date, including your own attire, in the early stages of a relationship. Even if you don't give your outfit much care on a daily basis, you should when you're going out with someone important.

Even if it's simply a casual outing, putting effort into a great clothing for your date shows that you care and that the date is important to you. What you dress reveals a lot about your personality.

The only issue? You may think that you lack the basic style ability to put together a great ensemble. If you're used to wearing your old favourite jeans and shoes wherever you go, coming up with a date night outfit for a good restaurant can be a challenge. Michelle Barrett, an expert stylist, was engaged to assist you come up with an appropriate dress for any date. She shares her advice, as well as a few clothing suggestions, below.

What to Think About When Choosing an Outfit

The choice of what to wear for a date should not be made at random. Sure, there are some go-to styles that will suit in a variety of situations (more on that later), but you also need to dress appropriately for the type of date you're going on. These are some aspects to consider when looking through your closet or shopping at the mall.

Daylight Savings Time

Is your date planned for the morning or evening? Daytime dates, such as heading out for coffee or brunch, are generally more spread. You're not going to be eating lunch in trousers and a toggle. Evening dates tend being more dressed-up, though it depends on how you're going.


When choosing what to wear on a date, it's crucial to consider that you'll be going. You'll want to dress up more than that if you're going to a fancy restaurant. A walk in the park? A pair of nice jeans and a sweater may do the work. If you're going to an occasion or a golf resort, check and see if there's a dress code when you're not caught by surprise.

Who Is Your Date?

You should never wear something that is completely out of character for you. Having said that, when choosing an outfit, you should also consider the type of person your date is. "Try to compliment who your date is," Barrett advises. "If your date appears to be very intelligent in all of his or her profile images, you should be as well. If not, you can afford to be more relaxed." Again, don't change who you are, but try to emulate their style.

How Well-Kept Your Clothes Are

You could be wearing a stunning button-down shirt in the perfect colour, but if it's wrinkled and/or stained, the effect is lost. . "There's a difference between looking casual and looking unkempt."

Style Suggestions and Advice

Finding a good date outfit can feel overwhelming, especially but if you're a vogue novice. Keep these general pointers in psyche to help make it easier.

Seek the Opinion of a Friend

Barrett suggests, if possible, seeking advice from a trusted friend (or maybe a sibling or cousin). "A great friend will keep you going the eyes of someone date," she says. They can tell you straight up what they think of your outfit or assist you in putting one together.

Colors should be kept simple.

There's nothing wrong with bright colours, but if you're trying to make a statement, you might want to stick to some basics. Barrett suggests a navy, white, charcoal grey, red, dark green, or stone suit as a good starting point for almost any type of outfit and accessory. Avoid using flashy logos or graphic designs that can come across as a little too casual. "Make absolutely sure your apparel doesn't really sound better than you. Keep it simple as well as classic "She recalls.

Be True to Yourself

Finding the right outfit does not imply acting like someone you are not. If you're the guy who always wears jeans and sneakers, find a way to elevate that look rather than wearing a suit that makes you feel awkward. "Unless you outfit in something which is to far and removed from who and what you are as well as always go on some other date," Barrett says, "you would have to keep it up." Furthermore, wearing something you genuinely enjoy will make you feel more confident.

Maintain Your Comfort

Make sure your outfit is as comfortable as it is fashionable. That means staying away from anything that is too tight or requires a lot of adjustments. If you're literally uncomfortable in your clothes, it will have an effect on your confidence and may cause you to become distracted, which is the last thing you want.

Create a Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is essentially a collection of basic clothing that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of outfits. Capsule wardrobes tend to favour classic, timeless pieces of clothing over anything too trendy. It may take some time to create a good one, but a capsule wardrobe can make dressing much easier in the long run.

Date Outfit Suggestions

* A great capsule wardrobe will provide you with a plethora of go-to date outfits. Barrett recommends stocking your closet with the following items:

* An unadorned white button-down shirt

* Wide leg jeans in a moderate to wool slacks

* A solid-colored knitted or jersey hoodie with no large logo.

* A slim dark suit

* Several solid or striped t-shirts in navy, white, black, or grey.

* A pair of black brogue shoes or something similar

* A pair of neutral-colored sneakers (think navy, grey, black, white, or charcoal)

* A checkered or plaid shirt in navy, bottle green, grey, or black.

* A pair of chino-style pants for a relaxed look.

* A solid neutral polo shirt

Outfits for a Casual Daytime Date

Daytime dates are typically less formal than evening dates (unless you have an event or daytime wedding, of course) .

Here are some simple outfit ideas based on Barrett's capsule wardrobe selection:

* Dark, straight jeans, striped tee, and sneakers

* Dark, straight jeans paired with a relaxed shirt and sneakers

* Dark, straight jeans, hoodie, and sneakers

* Chino pants with a hoodie or t-shirt

* Make certain that the clothes are neat and clean.


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