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Men’s Leather Jacket Guide 2022 : Full Guide

Leather jackets have always been a cornerstone of timeless taste and never-fading badassery that never failed to give men elegance paired with hard-ass swagger, originality without being arrogant when it came to making the ultimate fashion statement.

Leather jackets are much more than fashion accessories: they are the focal point of your personality expressed through your clothing; they reflect a way of life, a point of view, and a philosophy.

Today, the garment is likely to be one of the most expensive additions to an outfit, so don't be a naive rebel – buy wisely. A decent biker jacket is one of the few long-term partnerships you'll have in fashion, if for no other reason. They're designed to last, to age with you, and to go with more outfits than you might think.

Leather jackets are available in a wide range of styles.

Even if you've discovered a company you expect to give you a high-quality product and believe you've nailed down the actual cut you want, it's worth considering what else is available.

Most companies provide a wide variety of styles and cuts, some of which may be minor changes from others but still suit you better than something you had in mind in the first place.


The biker is a cropped leather jacket with studs and asymmetric zips that is considered the bad boy of the outerwear market. The asymmetric cut was meant to allow riders to lean over their bikes without the fastenings cutting into their bodies. It was first worn by motorcyclists.

The initial models had a slim fit, a D-pocket, and snappable or foldable lapels that could be zipped all the way up. Marlon Brando popularised this rugged apparel made of goatskin, cowhide, or horsehide in the 1950s.

It's a youthful, edgy look that looks best with skinny jeans, but it can also be worn as a blazer substitute over an Oxford shirt and knotted tie in the correct office. Whatever you choose, make absolutely sure whatever you're wearing underneath is light, as this style is designed to be dressed close to the body.


The field jacket is a stone cold classic that was originally portrayed in a cotton drill fabric but has since been upgraded in leather. It is one of the most underestimated items of military attire.

The M-65, as it's known, is typically a little longer than other models, with many front pockets and a waist belt. It looks especially attractive in rich brown leather and, because it falls below the waist, it will keep you warmer and better shelter you from the elements. It is often buttoned with a hidden placket.


In recent years, the original flight jacket has established itself as a genuine fashion staple, and it's simple to see why.

It comes in a variety of fabrics, from shining nylon to soft, supple leather, and has the same fundamental construction - a cropped body with a central zip and a fitted waist and cuffs.

Bombers were initially designed for fighter pilots and are a versatile and startlingly cool variant of the leather jacket. As a result, they're warm and stretchy all over. The cuffs are designed to allow you to move freely, and the distinctive fur lining makes it suitable for both casual and formal wear.


Aside from the military and athletics, the automobile industry — driving shoes, ribbed-knee jeans, and so on – is a major impact on menswear. The racing jacket is created by combining the two and wrapping them with leather.

The Moto cut is a deconstruction and stylish reassembly of traditional cyclist wear, similar to the Double Rider. This minimalistic, chic take on the legendary design will appeal to those who want the quintessential modern look and prefer their leather jackets to be simple, streamlined, and without any ornaments whatsoever. A little collar may be added in some models, but this element, along with the asymmetrical zipper that distinguishes the Double Rider, is frequently lacking.


The flight jacket, maybe the most famous of all leather coats, was originally designed for pilots. Today, it's a statement investment piece for both pilots and sophisticated civilians alike, being bulky and having a shearling inside for warmth.


This variant of the leather jacket may simply have leather sleeves rather than being entirely made of leather. In any case, the suede style ensures that these jackets are less expensive than their more formal, less casual competitors. Varsity and baseball jackets, on the other hand, make terrific and stylish outdoor ensembles that double as high-end streetwear and high-performance sporting gear.


A real leather jacket, despite its stylish factor, is not the most animal-friendly choice. So, if you're a committed vegan who still wants to channel your inner rockstar, a faux leather jacket is a choice.

The key is to try before you buy in-store, rather than ordering online, so you can see how the jacket appears in person. It also doesn't last as long as real leather and is thinner, which may be appropriate if you're just trying out the design or want a slimmer fit than thick real leather, which can occasionally drown the wearer.

THE World's best LEATHER JACKET Brands


Belstaff of Staffordshire is best known for its use of waxed cotton as a motorbike jacket fabric, but it also knows how to work with leather. The brand's characteristic belted jackets are sophisticated, ageless, elegant, and unashamedly British. They're the Norton to Harley-Harley; Davidson's the kind of thing James Bond might wear on his day off striding over Hampstead Heath, and a happy medium for individuals who want to invest in leather outerwear but want something a little more grown up.


While Schott was busy pinning down the motorcycle jacket market in the United States, Lewis Leathers in London was busy nailing down the motorcycle jacket market in the United Kingdom. Lewis Leathers, the first British motorcycle apparel firm, gained not only bikers' esteem, but also that of various mid-century youth tribes, with the Bronx jacket being a symbol of the Sixties rocker subculture.


Label from New York's past Schott is the Dyson of leather jackets, while Dyson is the Dyson of vacuum cleaners. There would be no Perfecto motorbike jacket without it. Given that this pioneering outerwear giant was the first to put zips to jackets, there may not even be any zips on jackets in general. A true pioneer and, without a doubt, the most legendary leather jacket brand on the planet.


Allsaints was founded in 1994 and is noted for its leather jackets, with one of the most extensive collections on the high street. The characteristic design here is a washed and somewhat faded finish in cropped modern styles like bikers and bombers, which is ideal for individuals looking for a grunge aesthetic.

Expect smooth, supple leathers cut slim in a palette of dark greys and blacks that fits the rest of the mainline range, as one would expect from a brand that designs with a heavy dose of rock 'n' roll attitude.


H&M is a Swedish mega-retailer that sells real and imitation leather jackets for a very low price. Buying on the high street allows you to be more adventurous, fashion-forward, and possess multiple designs without having to sell your automobile.

But it's not only about basic fashions; it also provides premium grade real leather jackets that belie their price tag, alongside counterfeit leather bikers for the price of a night out. The collection is updated on a regular basis, but the brand tends to stick to tried and true trends.


Keanu Reeves' renaissance reached new heights when he starred in a series of black-and-white advertising for the luxury fashion house Saint Laurent. Of course, Reeves looked magnificent, but the photos would have been meaningless if it hadn't been for the stunning Saint Laurent leather jacket he was wearing.

With a clean, minimalist design and an arena-ready thin cut, the black LJ has become a standard for the most rock and roll label in high fashion. This is the leather jacket as shipped by Netflix's finest.


Brunello Cucinelli offers a stunning nappa leather biker jacket, which we strongly advise you to never wear near a motorcycle. It's far too lovely, well-made, and smooth and supple to risk soaking in engine oil or being strewn with smashed bugs. Leather jackets, according to conventional belief, improve with age, and this is true. A Cucinelli leather jacket, on the other hand, with its cashmere linings and smooth stitching, is a slightly different beast, lacking rock 'n' roll intensity but more than compensating with absolute luxury.


Zara is the affordable place to make a statement, offering high fashion interpretations for those on a high street budget. Real leather jackets costing just over £100 are paired with synthetic leather jackets costing just under.

The spectrum of styles is wide, from simple bombers to mind-boggling puffy coats, but the hefty aviator jackets with a gallant shearling collar are the genuine stars this season.


Premium label Reiss provides a collection of close-fitting leather jackets including the bomber and racer that are cut as well as it suits, in keeping with its characteristic tailored look.

The larger price tags at the top end of the high street are usually matched by a higher quality of leather and stronger finishes on the zips and buttons than you'll find elsewhere.


Mango Man, a Spanish high-street powerhouse, has a more classic look than its edgier, trend-following peers down the street. Expect elegant design with subtle details that aren't overdone, as you'd expect from a mass-appealing high street business, in a variety of styles.

Dusty brown tones are a nice contrast to glossy black, and the standout style is a simple motorcycle jacket with a clean notched lapel pinched from tailoring and no dazzling, flashy zips.


Acne Studios, the king of the Scandi labels, defies the minimalist stereotype by adopting a more maximalist high fashion approach. This is reflected in the soft-as-butter Napa leather jackets, which feature runway-sized necks and an abundance of metallic zips, as well as completely needless but unquestionably exquisite belted waists.

Acne's fits are either enormous or cropped high, and the shoulders are cut exceedingly tight. When it comes to standing out, there is no such thing as a middle ground.

Is it necessary for me to purchase a faux leather jacket?

If you want to achieve the look without having to remortgage your home, the temptation to go faux is strong. However, it is a waste of money. If you can't afford a decent leather jacket right now, hang in there and wait. A genuine leather jacket gets better with each wear, whereas a synthetic jacket falls apart the moment you put it on.If you can get a year out of faux leather, you've done exceptionally well. Your binning and replacing will not be appreciated by the environment – or your bank account. A real leather jacket, according to Jason Schott, chief operating officer at Schott NYC and fourth-generation family member, can last as long as you want it to, even with minimal care.

How much should a leather jacket cost?

There are as many price points as there are jackets, so there are as many price points as there are jackets. In general, you get what you pay for, although while you may pay for the brand name in some situations, the price is mainly determined by the quality and type of leather used.

The type of leather you select is decided by the features you desire in your jacket.. Prioritize calfskin or lambskin if you want something buttery soft, but keep in mind that it may not be as durable as a thick biker-style hide.

Look for 'full grain' leather jackets for the greatest quality (and the most expensive costs). These are made from the highest-quality hides and are initially stiff due to their thickness. Just like a nice pair of Derby shoes, they'll take some time to break in, but you'll be rewarded with a natural patina and a jacket that's uniquely yours.

If you're on a limited budget, 'top grain' leathers are a better option. The natural grain has been polished off and the leather has been stamped to give it a uniform appearance. You can obtain great leather alternatives like polyurethane for even less expense, which will appeal to individuals who desire the aesthetic but don't want to use animal skins.

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