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The Men's Fashion Trends For Spring/Summer 2023 That You Should Know

Following fads is not something we would suggest. In fact, we take satisfaction in acting in the very opposite way. But it is worthwhile to pay attention to what's happening in the frequently perplexing world of fashion if you want to add a little freshness to your wardrobe or spice up your go-to pieces.

This isn't a list of transient, fleeting trends. Instead, we've chosen to concentrate on the contemporary works that will undoubtedly become classics in the future. These are the things that are now in style that we would personally wear; they are simple to work into your current wardrobe and will look great for years to come.

These are the most wearable men's fashion trends of the year, ranging from the revival of military fashion to the continuous loosening of shapes.

Key Spring/Summer Trends

Polo Shirts with Button-Throughs

Polo shirts are a great summertime alternative. Polos are simple to wear and go well with shorts, chinos, and pretty much anything else you throw at them. They come in a variety of styles, from the traditional pique, tennis-inspired form to current open collar variations.

However, button-through polos are in this season. Button-through polos are perfect for dressing up weekend wear or playing down tailoring, giving a touch of the Riviera to your suit. They are slightly dressier thanks to a placket that mimics a traditional shirt.

Uniform jackets

Since over a century ago, varsity jackets have been fashionable. They've always functioned as a component of a preppy look since they are short in the body and have ribbed hems and cuffs. Consider wearing jeans, penny loafers, a white t-shirt, and a pair of black Wayfarers.

Additionally, because they were made to display the logos of American football and baseball teams, they offer a simple way to add some colour to your summer attire. Several companies, including Louis Vuitton and Dior, have sold them for spring/summer, but the best varsity jackets can be found in antique stores, so start looking.

Adaptive vests

The workwear trend has been popular for a while and isn't going anywhere anytime soon. The issue is that heavy-duty combat pants, chore jackets, and flannel shirts often perform better in the fall and winter.

How then do you satisfy your summertime need for workwear? The utility vest is the solution. This is a piece of clothing typically worn by fisherman, hikers, or smugglers in a galaxy far, far away. It has several pockets and a zip closing. However, it will be useful if you want to add a touch of practical style to your summer rig.

Extra-large cardigans

Cardigans frequently receive a poor press, largely because of their stuffy associations and their reputation as your grandmother's go-to knitwear. However, at least for the spring/summer season, a number of designers chose to recreate the look, cutting it with an exaggerated silhouette fit for any 90s grunge kid.

This type of cardigan, which has dropped shoulders and a somewhat longer length, can be worn in place of a light jacket to remain warm on brisk spring evenings.

Slim-Fit Suit

Almost all fashion trends in recent years have gotten bigger. The rejection of the thin and tight fits that ruled menswear for years is practically complete, from T-shirts to pants. The same holds true for tailoring.

The slouchy suit has dropped shoulders, a relaxed waist, and an unstructured fit. It is cut fuller than your average suit. Consider wearing it somewhat differently as a result. More so than fancier shirts and shoes, it pairs well with lightweight knits, tees, and sneakers. If you want to up up the style ante, it's perfect for going to a sophisticated dinner date or team drinks.

Spanking New Shorts

Who enjoys wearing shorts? Not Fendi, Zegna, or the numerous other avant-garde high-fashion houses, that is. Not if their most recent performances are any indication. Longer, wider shorts are making a comeback this season, reflecting a larger trend that has been permeating many aspects of menswear for some time.

Assuring that the length is perfect is essential to doing it right. Aim for a few inches over the top of the kneecap, and choose tailored cuts that go well with both casual and more formal attire.

All-black tailoring is notoriously difficult to pull off and frequently only appears appropriate at funerals. But as brands like Louis Vuitton, Dunhill, and Paul Smith shown in their spring/summer collections, it can be done beautifully.

Dressing it down is the key, if you can. Wear it with black knit polo shirts and pair it with black penny loafers or sneakers for a look that is equal parts James Bond villain and Sicilian mafia.

Specialized sandals

Technical sandals appear to be here to stay, going along with hiking gear and the emergence of the gorpcore fashion movement. These frequently have rubber bottoms and waterproof nylon straps that velcro around the foot for a secure fit, making them a more practical option to leather sandals.

They're more adaptable than you may imagine, making them perfect for sitting around on the weekend, going to the beach, or taking long hikes.

Layering of tones

Yes, summer is typically a season when you want to wear more colour, but this season is all about neutral, tonal dressing, according to the top designers in the world. Basically, choose a colour, and don't stray from it.

Look for cold greys, warm stone, or deep blues and base your entire ensemble around them for a quick morning get-up.

Tablecloth T-shirts

The tablecloth shirt is a relatively new trend that we can't get enough of. These classy patterned shirts are everything we want to wear this summer because they are either made from or inspired by vintage tablecloths. The tablecloth shirt is a statement in and of itself, typically including a white base with an exquisitely hand-stitched, vibrant pattern.

Simply wear it with mid-washed jeans and slip-on shoes to bring up our following trend.

Washed denim

Although dark or raw denim is a true menswear staple, it becomes unusable in hot weather. Fortunately, the issue has a fix for this season. It is more relaxed, a few shades lighter, and goes with practically everything. Mid-wash denim was featured heavily in the spring/summer menswear designs, and it appears that it might be sticking around this time.

Fall/Winter Trends to Watch


With the emergence of athleisure a few years ago, sweatpants made the transition from the gym to the casual wardrobe. However, if the fall/winter fashion shows are to be believed, they have advanced once further and are now an essential component of daily attire.

Let's face it: if the last few years have taught us anything, it is that the elasticized waistline is among the world's best inventions. Knowing this, designers like Dior wore sweatpants on practically all of their models, combining them with overcoats, tailoring, and more casual clothing like bomber jackets.

Floral patterns

One of the major trends of the past five years has been a return to the 1970s, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. It takes the form of floral designs a la grandma's curtains for the fall/winter season, which is actually a lot more wearable than it sounds. Bold flower prints have been splashed on shorts, shirts, and tailored clothing by everyone from Paul Smith to Kenzo.

As always, make sure the remainder of your appearance is beautiful and understated and limit yourself to one statement piece every outfit.

Big checks

Checks are always in style in some capacity. But this year, the windowpane, buffalo, and Black Watch tartan are the ones to keep an eye on during the winter months. One of the easiest ways to incorporate these patterns into your everyday wardrobe is through the use of an overshirt or flannel shirt.

Throughout denim

One of the greatest materials of all time is denim. It probably makes up a large portion of your current clothing, whether in the form of jeans, shirts, or jackets. It is sturdy and has tonnes of texture. However, we wouldn't often advise donning a denim-only outfit from head to toe. Until we saw the fall and winter productions, that is.

Workwear elements were paired in dark indigo by a variety of labels, including Kenzo, which is currently run by Nigo, the founder of A Bathing Ape, in an effortless manner. If you're going to try it, choose a loose silhouette and don't be afraid to show some skin.


This year, we might prefer the parka above other coats. Parkas are big, bold, and can be draped over just about anything, whether they are in a fishtail style with mod influences or something more appropriate for an arctic excursion. They can dress up casual clothing or dress down tailoring, which contrasts with a blazer's sleek lines.

Try layering a black technical parka over sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and your preferred sneakers for a streetwear-inspired appearance.

Broad Legs

Skinny legwear is no longer in style, and even slim-fits have been less popular in recent years. In their place, relaxed-fit pants from the 1980s and 1990s, and before them, the 1950s, are making a comeback.

For the better part of a decade, many of us have stuffed ourselves into tight jeans, and old habits are difficult to break. You could be shocked by how much you prefer a looser leg, though, if you embrace it. not just in terms of comfort, but also in terms of style.

Tonal Customization

This season, many of fashion week's best designers tried to redefine the suit once more. Although relaxed casual clothing has displaced tailoring as the preferred style, tailoring is making a comeback in fresh and intriguing ways.

Tonality is one of the simplest ways to approach it. Models wore off-white wool suits with matching shirts and ties at the late Virgil Abloh's farewell Louis Vuitton show. But in other places, we've seen navy blue suits worn with comparable knitwear and dark grey suits worn with coordinating T-shirts.

Combat Boots

Men's footwear styles have recently been dominated by thick, tough soles, and the fall/winter presentations were no exception. The shoes they are welted onto are transformed by the chunky commando soles. Chelsea boots transform into fully outfitted winter stompers, while penny loafers become understated fashion statements.

Not to mention that the extra bulk expands your options for clothing, letting you experiment with looser fits and thick layers.

Specialized jackets

One of the major trends of the past few seasons and one that will last well into the new year is the rise of technical outerwear in the fashion industry. Cropped, zip-up styles are in vogue this season; they're simple to throw on for a quick trip to the store or to use as a middle layer under your winter coat for extra weight and weather protection.

Look out for niche brands like Crescent Down Works and Adsum as well as well-known names in the outerwear industry like Canada Goose, Woolrich, and The North Face.


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